• The Hen House

    Do you want a safe new home for you chickens? Then check out our many different styles & sizes of chicken coops. Feel free to customize any coop with our many options that are available. Families and children of all ages enjoy collecting fresh eggs every day. We know your chickens will enjoy their new home in our quality built chicken coop. And you will enhance your backyard and be able to care for your chickens in style and comfort. Thanks for choosing our chicken coops. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction in every chicken coop purchase.

Chicken Coops

Interior Features:

Glassboard Floor, Automatic Door (Requires Electrical Package), Heated Roost, Electric Package Switch/Outlet, Lights Extension Cord Hookup, Clean-Out Lid, Litter Tray, Chicken Run, Insulated Ceiling, 1 Gallon Waterer, 3 Gallon Waterer, 3lb Feeder, 11lb Feeder.

Standard Features:

Paint or Stain, Keyed Entry Door, Chicken Door, Chicken Ramp, Nesting Boxes, Roosting Bar, Vent Lid or Vent, Window w/Screen, Asphalt Shingles, Aluminum Drip Edge, P.T. Legs & Runners, L.P Tech Shield Roof Sheathing.

With your complete satisfaction a top priority, our family-owned business is proud to offer you a full line of handcrafted chicken coops at affordable prices. All designed for the comfort and safety of your feathered friends... and easier egg collecting for you.

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Bird in Hand

We are family owned business that provides quality handcrafted coops that are built by our skilled craftsmen and to fit everyone's budget.

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    Outstanding Customer Service

    We know you have many options when it comes to Outdoor Storage & Furniture solutions, but Myers Mini Barns is dedicated to giving customers the personal service they deserve.

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    Quality Product

    Since 1982, Myers Mini Barns has been a family owned and operated business and is dedicated to giving you the best quality product.

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    Solid Relationship with Builders

    Having an long time relationship with Amish Builders means we can guarantee the quality of craftsmanship you will receive.

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  • Just a note to thank you for the very pleasant experience Babette and I had recently in the purchase of a new garden shed from Myers Mini Barns. Having remembered the nice experience that we had about 30 years ago when we purchased our first shed from you, it was without hesitation that we drove out to the corner of Route 94 and Frederick Road when it was time for a replacement. We were not disappointed. It was almost like yesterday when we got out of the car and spotted Junior walking down the road to greet us. Seemed like he hadn't changed much, same nice, jovial guy that we remembered when we. met him in the early 1980's at the Howard County Fair. Anyway, we are very pleased with our purchase, the transaction itself, and the quality of the structure. While our first shed lasted 30 years, this one looks like it could go for at least an additional 10 years, if not more. Thanks again. We are very happy to highly recommend you to our friends and neighbors and wish you much success in the future.

    - David Silverman